Know Your Food — Meet the Growers! 

Know Your Food — Meet the Growers!

Why shop at the WL Farmers Market?

It’s healthier for you and the environment, and builds our community. Just-picked produce packs in the most nutrition, and is often on your table within hours of leaving the farm. That’s fast food. You’re not buying foods from another state or country, and that leaves a smaller environmental footprint. And you strengthen our local economy and our sense of community when you shop local. It's fun, it's healthy, it's outdoors. Shop inside the box.


2019 Summer Market Vendors


James & Carrie Austin

The Austin Acre

(765) 421-1619

Herbs, greens, root & other vegetables

Scott Batts

Batts Family Farm

(765) 336-1651

Fruits, vegetables, maple syrup, eggs

Matt Bestich

The Guac Box (Food Truck)

(765) 479-3445

Mexican food

Reuben Brubaker

The Weathered Plow Farm & Greenhouses

(574) 686-4194

Fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, hanging baskets

Anne Brummet

Annie's Orchard

(765) 583-2425


Caressa's Kitchen

Caressa Oorloff

(765) 772-8171

Prepared food 

Susan Cahee

Originals by Nana

(765) 543-9885

Children's clothes, stuffed toys

Taylor Cappelleri

Cappelleri Sunday Sauce

(765) 430-0324

Pasta sauce, meatballs, pesto

Nancy Connors

Cinnamon Station

(331) 262-7632

Mini donuts 

Leslie Martin Conwell

The Farm at Prophetstown

(765) 567-4700

Frozen meat, Indiana State Park passes, food prepared on site

Gary Cox

Trinity Acres Farm

(765) 366-5003

Vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat

Dan + Kathy Coy

Rock Creek Valley Farm

(765) 427-8336

Fruits, vegetables, herbs

Melody Curwick

Spoonelicious Flatwear

(765) 426-3865


Amber Davis

Emergency Munchie Truck

(317) 590-3018

Meatless, vegetarian alternatives to some great American classic comfort foods

Juliann Davis

The Vegan Cheese Lady

(765) 543-5110

Vegan cheese, vegan food, roasted vegetables, salsa, hummus, brats

Phillip DeTurk

P3 Farms

(765) 404-7209

Potted herbs, vegetables

Angela Dold

Klein Brot Haus

(765) 414-4574

Baked goods, loose popcorn

David Doud

County Line Orchard

(765) 833-6122

Fruits, apple butter, apple cider

Dean Fallis

Bloomer’s Greenhouse

(765) 572-2546

Potted herbs and flowers, cut flowers, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes

Dianne Farrell

Mulberry Shade Flower Farm

(219) 863-0452

Herbs, herb vinegar, spices, wood trays, yard pieces, pillows

Abigail Gerig


(765) 947-0097

Honey, bee pollen, beeswax, maple syrup, maple based sauces, spreads and candies

Mike Gibson

Gibon’s Shaved Ice

(765) 497-2009

Shaved ice treats

Kevin Goin

Goin’s Blueberry Lane

(574) 896-2283

Blueberries, blueberry bushes, honey, jams and jellies

Valentino Gottardo

Farm Valentino

(765) 365-2515

Fruits, vegetables

Will Griffin + Andrew Foster

AW Gourmet Treat Company

(317) 660-1178

Dog treats, photos

Craig Howard

Howard Orchard

(765) 307-8501

fruits, chestnuts, vegetables, kimchi, frozen applesauce

Teri Hunter

Teri’s Therapy

(765) 714-0587

Bowl cozies, pot holders, dog items, art journals, greeting cards, bracelets, upcycled shopping bags

Bob Johnson

Nektar Flow Farms

(765) 475-0082

Honey, beeswax, fruit, fruit puree, ice cream, syrup, soap, soap dish, ice pops, salve, decorative corn

Janet + Jerry Lecy

Great Harvest Bread Company

(765) 418-7252

Bread, baked goods, dry mixes, sandwiches, chips

Jose Lopez

L Kora

(765) 237-4400

Mexican food, sodas

John McCloskey

(219) 964-9220

Tote bags

Barbara Middleton + Nancy Strack

LongHouse Farm

(765) 426-5968

Popcorns, pasta, jams, maple syrup, vegetables

Deb Miller

Blackhawk Winery & Vineyard

(317) 771-2814

Wine, by the glass and bottle

Michelle Miller

Divine Dandelions

(765) 409-0688

watercolors, cards, soap, yarn dolls, jewelry, magnets, fiber bits & bobs, buttons

Tonnie Miller

Lilac Heritage Farm

(435) 512-0655

Angora fur, herbal tinctures, essential oils, vinegar cleaners,quail, duck, goose and turkey eggs, produce

Lee Mitchell

(765) 275-2448

Herb plants, produce

Evan Overbay

Highland Heights Farm

(765) 237-2112

Herbs, flowers, vegetables

Dan + Kathy Pennington

Rock Creek Valley Farm

(765) 427-8336

Fruits, vegetables, herbs

Lindsay Poxon

Madd Lu's Macaroons

(765) 714-0352

French macaroons, truffles

Victoria Raber

Kayleigh’s Creations | R & R Garden Farms

(765) 714-9789

Flowers, apple butter, jam, vegetables,

Paul Record

Little Italy

(765) 409-6206

Italian food

Alexa Roe

Supper Thyme

(765) 413-7626

Fresh take and bake meals, herbal iced tea, baked goods, cut flowers

Angenette + Lisa Sinna Shamo

Wrap the Moon Boutique

(765) 404-1614

Wrap skirts, jewelry, bath bombs, iced tea, weekly free yoga demonstrations

Stephanie Shrock


(765) 479-9085

Bath salts, herbal tea, smudge sticks, beeswax candles, essential oil rollers, room misters, incense, jewelry

Christine Siemers

Siemers Maple Syrup

(765) 714-2431

Maple syrup, black walnuts

David Smith

Mo’Dough Smittybread

(765) 491-1634

Bread, pastries, pretzels, beverages, t-shirts,

Jamie Smith

Fall Creek Farm

(765) 401-6628

Cut flowers, plants, goat milk soap, peacock feathers

Lisa Stillman

One Paisley Chick

(765) 426-4183

Jewelry, wearable art, mixed media art

Beth Thomas-Adair

Whyte Horse Winery

(574) 583-2345

Wine, wine glasses

Natasha Vasili

Scones and Doilies

(765) 409-0847

Sweet & savory baked goods, bread

Peter Wagoner

Wagoner Family Farm

(574) 686-2791

Honey, eggs, jams, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, maple syrup, beef

Jacob Walker

Imperial Draft

(765) 418-4681

Beer jelly

Jazmin Wallace

Slush All Natural Skincare

(765) 201-0124

Face & body creams, butters, sprays & more

Stacy Winter

Next to Godliness Soap

(765) 490-4667

Vegan handmade soap