Know Your Food — Meet the Growers! 

Know Your Food — Meet the Growers!

Why shop at the WL Farmers Market?

It’s healthier for you and the environment, and builds our community. Just-picked produce packs in the most nutrition, and is often on your table within hours of leaving the farm. That’s fast food. You’re not buying foods from another state or country, and that leaves a smaller environmental footprint. And you strengthen our local economy and our sense of community when you shop local. It's fun, it's healthy, it's outdoors. Shop inside the box.


2018 Summer Market Vendors


1. Maggie Home Chef, Maggie Nornoo

2. Fall Creek Farm, Jamie Smith

3. Spoonelicious Flatwear, Melody Curwick

4. Trinity Acres Farm, Gary Cox

5. Parthenon, Christine Pitoukkas

6. Smolder BBQ, Ben Hewitt

7. Whyte Horse Winery, Beth Thomas-Adair

8. EMT, Amber Davis

9. Longhouse Farm, Bard Middleton

10. Mitchell Produce, Lee Mitchell

11. Annie's Orchard, Anne Brummet

12. Originals by Nana, Susan Cahee

13. Just Jezebel, Shelly Foran

14. Howard Orchard, Craig Howard

15. Cappelleri Sunday Sauce, Taylor Capelleri

16. Bloomer's Greenhouse, Lisa Fallis

17. Old Gray Cat, JJ Rode

18. L'Kora, Jose Lopez

19. Batts Family Farm, Scott Batts

20. T’s Flowers & Things, Teresa Daly

21. Wagoner Family Farm, Peter Wagoner

22. The Weathered Plow, Reuben Brubaker

23. Roasted, Toasted & Baked, Jordan Mirick

24. Two Guys, Randy Griffin

25. Great Harvest, Jerry Lecy

26. Next to Godliness, Stacy Winter

27. Cakes by Lexi, Lexi DeCamp

28. The Farm at Prophetstown, Leslie Martin Conwell

29. Scones & Doilies, Natasha and Sergei Vasili

30. πr2, Lydia and Tori Ausban

31. Boiler Garden (Food Truck), Ahmad Athamneh

32. Kitchen Anatolia, Kubra Kayman

33. Cleaver Family Farms, Sue Cleaver and Diane Mitchell

34. L|B Lettering & Designs, Loni Todd

35. Ohland Studios, Emily Ohland

36. Klein Brot Haus, Angela Dold

37. Blackhawk Winery & Vinyard, Deb Miller

38. Little Italy, Paul Record

39. Kayleigh’s Creations / R&R Garden Farms, Victoria and Tyler Raber