Know Your Food — Meet the Growers! 

Know Your Food — Meet the Growers!

Why shop at the WL Farmers Market?

It’s healthier for you and the environment, and builds our community. Just-picked produce packs in the most nutrition, and is often on your table within hours of leaving the farm. That’s fast food. You’re not buying foods from another state or country, and that leaves a smaller environmental footprint. And you strengthen our local economy and our sense of community when you shop local. It's fun, it's healthy, it's outdoors. Shop inside the box.


2017 Summer Market Vendors

My Dad’s Sweet Corn

Jacob Baird

sweet corn, popcorn kernals, on the cob popcorn kits

(765) 461-7818

Bakerman of West Lafayette

James Bartnick

breads, baked goods

(412) 908-1080

Batts Family Farm

Scott Batts

vegetables, fruits, maple syrup, eggs,

(765) 336-1651

Grace and Truth Farms

Zachary Brown

organically raised vegetables, microgreens, flowers, seedlings, berries, eggs, chicken and pork

(765) 426-3534

The Weathered Plow 

Reuben Brubaker

vegetables, fruits, flowers

(574) 686-4194

Annie’s Orchard

Anne Brummet

fruits, flowers, honey

(765) 583-2425

Originals by Nana

Susan Cahee

hand-made children’s clothes, knitted items

(765) 543-9885 cell

Cain Heritage Farms

Danya Cain

pasture-raised Tamworth Pork

(765) 414-6360

Cappelleri Sunday Sauce

Taylor Cappelleri

fresh bolognese sauce, meatballs, pesto and fresh herbs

(765) 430-0324

Cleaver Family Farms

Sue Cleaver

frozen beef and pork, grilled hamburgers, pork burgers and hot dogs, eggs

(765) 564-2883

Trinity Acres Farm

Gary Cox

produce, eggs, meat

(765) 366-5003

Spoonelicious Flatwear

Melody Curwick

jewlery, keychains, wine and cheese markers, sweet corn holders, business card holders, fork stands

(765) 426-3865

T’s Flowers and Things

Teresa Daly

hand-crafted planting containers, potted plants, cut flowers

(765) 564-9045

Emergency Munchie Truck

Amber Davis

food truck

(317) 590-3018

Cakes by Lex

Lexi DeCamp

gluten free and flour baked goods, custom order cakes

(765) 532-6273

Tumble Down Farm’s

Lee DeFord

freezer beef

(765) 242-3880

Klein Brot Haus

Angela Dold

(765) 563-3788

Bloomer’s Greenhouse

Dean Fallis

vegetables, herbs, patio geraniums, cut flowers, perennials

(765) 572-2546

Just Jezebel

Shelly Foran

plant starts, house plants, refrigerator pickles, dried herbs, seeds, wisteria vine peace signs, health and beauty creations, teas

(765) 762-1407

High Bridge Creations

Emily Foster

dog treats, rustic stencil kits for kids, barn tin American flags

(765) 376-5441

Two Guys Catering and Bakery

Randy Griffin

baked goods

(765) 743-9817

Farm Valentino

Valentino Gottardo

vegetables, fruits, herbs

(765) 365-4509

Bees Gone Wild

Heather Harvey

native bee nesting supplies and information

(765) 494-1133

Hedrick Family Farm

Angela Hedrick

vegetables, fruits, pork, eggs, spice mixes, baked goods

(765) 376-6024

Smolder BBQ

Ben Hewitt

prepared food

(765) 491-6470 cell

Howard Orchard

Craig Howard

peaches, apples, pears, Kimchi, vegetables

(765) 307-8501

Prism Tie Dye

Joy Kane

hand tie dye clothing and accessories 

(765) 497-4369

Kitchen Anatolia

Kubra Kayman

prepared food

(765) 404-1540

Lexi’s Lights

Cassidy Kitchel


(765) 637-3403

Honey Bee Flower Farm

Micah Koehler-Marsh

cut flowers, bouquets, herbs and seasonal wreaths

(765) 418-5260

Little Prairie Farms

Richard Kremer

(765) 412-3552

Great Harvest Bread Company

Janet and Jerry Lecy

breads, baked goods, dry mixes, granola

(765) 418-7252

Cissy’s Nuts

Cissy Leinberger

glazed nuts, lemon shake ups

(765) 714-3941


L Kora

Jose Lopez

food truck 

(765) 237-4400

LongHouse Farm

Barbara Middleton

vegetables, fruits, herbs

(765) 429-5077

Lee Mitchell

(765) 275-2448 

Up with the Sunflowers

Andrea Morris

cut flowers, succulents, microgreens, plant starters

(920) 838-2178 

Holy Cow Farm Fresh

Paul and Joanne Mosher

(219) 253-8491

Old Grey Cat Herb Farm

Joyce Newman Rode

(765) 714-7537

Ohland Studios

Emily Ohland

(765) 337-3778

Sunrise Harvest Farm

Jonathan Pelsey

fresh blueberries, blueberry jam

(219) 954-0007

Parthenon Greek American Grill

Christine Pitoukkas

prepared food

(765) 743-6778

Little Italy/Zeus Gyros

Paul Record

prepared food

(765) 409-6206

Walking Water Homestead

Marc Ridge

vegetables, starter plants

(765) 413-5310


David Smith

bread, pastries, pretzels, t-shirts

(765) 491-1634

Whyte Horse Winery

Beth Thomas-Adair

wines by the bottle or glass, wine- slushies, wine - tasting

(574) 583-2345

Natasha Vasili

breads, baked goods

(765) 409-0602

Wagoner Family Farm 

Peter Wagoner

pet milk, eggs, honey, fruits, jams

(574) 686-2791

Sheepdog Farms (Local Motives)

Teresa Warner

frozen chicken, frozen beef, frozen pork, frozen prepared meals from local sources, mainly Sheepdog Farms

(765) 583-4464

Next to Godliness Soap

Stacy Winter

handmade soap

(765) 490-4667